Home Inspections

Every home is subjected to a 400 point checklist during the home inspection. You can rest assured that everything in the home was inspected, tested, and operated. Delzer Home Inspections uses a variety of tools to ensure the home is safe and in good condition. A combustible gas detector is used to find any gas leaks in the home and a carbon monoxide detector is worn by the home inspector during the entire inspection. A moisture meter is used in all areas with water sources and any suspect areas to find leaks and issues that could otherwise not be found. Every outlet is in the home is checked with an outlet tester and all GFCI outlets are tested to ensure proper operation. A infrared thermometer is used to check proper operation of all HVAC equipment. During the inspection nothing goes untested and you can rest assured that by using Delzer Home Inspections LLC you have received the most thorough and accurate inspection possible. Below are some of the options Delzer Home Inspections offers.


Home Inspections

The home buyer inspection comes with a very detailed inspection report. The report includes pictures with markups and descriptions and detailed information on the home and components. The report lists all the deficiencies in the home as well as improvement and maintenance tips. This inspection report is designed to help home buyers make an educated decision about the home they are going to purchase. The information in the report will also be a useful tool in the future to help homeowner’s keep their home in top shape.

Fix It Before You List It

The Fix It Before You List It inspection report is a more economical choice for the homeowner looking to fix deficiencies in their home before the home is listed for sale. The home is subjected to the same 400 point checklist of the home buyer inspection and a list of deficiencies is generated for the homeowner. This PDF report listing the deficiencies is perfect to go over with your realtor to decide which items to fix to bring top dollar for the home. The list can then be given to a qualified contractor to complete repairs.


1 Year Builder Warranty

Is your builder warranty about to expire? The Builder Warranty inspection report is an economical choice for people who are looking to get deficient items covered by their 1 year builder warranty. The home is subjected to the same 400 point checklist and a PDF report with pictures is generated. This report can be sent directly to the builder for repairs. The report will also include improvement and maintenance items to help you keep your home in top shape.

Homeowner Safety Check

If you own your home and you’re not sure if everything is still operating correctly and safely, and you would like advice on home maintenance. This is a very economical choice that allows your home to be inspected for safety hazards and maintenance items. You will get a PDF report that will outline all safety hazards, improvement items, and maintenance tips.